Dermis RX

Ground-Breaking Skincare

Introducing Dermis RX

As the creator and face of DERMIS RX, I'm excited to launch this amazing skincare line for my clients and for women everywhere.  It makes me proud to bring together my beauty secrets, lifetime knowledge of skincare and a team of scientists to develop products that I truly believe in.  I am a hands-on, licensed, certified medical aesthetician who has worked with clients since 1987.

 I've discovered the most effective ingredients for skin and that's how I've formulated my line.   It will enhance your skin's natural ability to address multiple signs of skin aging and I can't wait for you to try it!

“My first time using Dermis RX, my skin felt hydrated, gave me a nice smooth/even look and I was glowing!  I'm so proud of the creator/owner of this skincare line!  I look forward to helping her get the word out about these amazing products!  .”
Jane H.

Our Products

This revolutionary line is cruelty free, all vegan with no parabens or sulfates and is FDA approved, resulting in an exclusive skincare system designed to maintain healthy, radiant skin without toxic chemicals commonly found in many leading commercial skin care brands.

Ultimate Skin Care by Terri​

“Just tried Dermis RX.  Wow, what a great new breakthrough in skincare for aging skin.  Packs a punch with just the right balance of top rate ingredients that deliver on results.  Softer lines, better texture and glowing, hydrated skin without irritation.  This is a must try!  Your skin will thank you, as well as your clients!  Great line.”
Alecia D, Para Medical Esthetician

Client Testimonials